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What do you do when what you want is pretty much forbidden, but, even though you know it will cause nothing but trouble at home, you can’t help but think about it all the time? With the temperature rising at her step-brother’s restaurant, will Anne finally ask for what’s on the tip of her tongue or will she stay quiet because what she wants shouldn’t be on the menu at all?

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A thumbnail of the erotic eBook, A Taste of Cyn, by Simone Avondale featuring a punk or alternative model.A Taste of Cyn
The Tales of Angela Dawson: Part One
As the first part in The Tales of Angela Dawson series, we find Angela entertaining fantasies about a number of people, including her ex-boyfriend. However, it isn’t until a chance meeting with a girl on the street that her desires start to get the better of her, and she realizes her body’s demands have to be met.

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