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With my first erotic story, A Taste of Cyn, now selling on Amazon, I thought you might want another sample of just what lies under the cover. After all, who doesn’t love a little teasing?

So, below is a scene from the final chapter soon after Angela and Cyn have a little fun in the alley just outside of the art gallery where Angela works. Obviously, it’s intended for mature audiences and contains just a brief example of the things that happen in A Taste of Cyn. For much more graphic detail, including scenes involving fingering, masturbation, oral sex, and more, check out the book on Amazon:

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“Instead of giving me money,” she purred, “perhaps I could stay at your place?”

Still squeezing her breast with my hand, and feeling her fingers trace the hem of my skirt, I knew I had to have her tonight. Of course, I also knew inviting a stranger, especially one who possibly lived on the street, into my home could probably be another bad decision, but the thought of going home to just my toys instead of her mouth was incentive enough to take the risk.

“I would like that,” I said, pressing my lips against hers again.

Running my hand over her bra, and finding that her nipples were now hard, sent another rush to my pussy as I gathered my keys. Feeling how wet I was, it was obvious that sitting on the subway with her next to me would be too much to handle, so I offered to pay for a cab. Luckily, thanks to the commission from Donovan and the other clients, I knew one expensive fare wouldn’t break the bank.

Soon, I was flagging down a cab and telling him my address.

A few minutes after that, I felt the girl’s hand sliding along my thigh while she continued to stare out the window at the passing buildings. Not one to shy away from such a situation, I simply placed my purse on my lap and kept my eyes forward to see if the cabbie was paying attention to the road or the two of us.

Although I knew the purse didn’t hide everything, I didn’t stop the girl as she continued to move her hand up my thigh to press against my skirt. Adjusting myself to move the skirt up a bit, I was sure the cabbie gave a glance back, but I still didn’t discourage her curiosity. In fact, the thought of her fingering me while someone else watched just made the whole thing even hotter. So, for the next few minutes, I kept my eyes forward and said little, outside of a few small moans, as her fingers found my clit, spread my lips, and explored the folds of my pussy.

It was obvious she was familiar with the female body, and most likely not just because of her own personal exploration. So, with my hand on her thigh to squeeze when she was doing things right, it wasn’t long before I was clenching her fingers and cumming in the back of the cab.

Soon after, the cabbie pulled over to my building, gave me change for the fare, and drove off with a smile.

If that’s enough to whet your appetite, you can find plenty more on Amazon:

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