Fifty Shades of Consent

Admittedly, when I first decided to get into writing erotica, I had some concerns. Outside of the usual “can I even write?” and “will anyone buy it?”, I also found myself wondering whether or not I could write the things that would sell while remaining comfortable with the subject matter, scenarios, and everything else that my head wanted to put out there.

Personally, I’ve always kept at least a little divide between my fantasies and my feminist beliefs, and I felt I could do that as a writer as well. After all, if I was just writing about the sort of things I fantasized about, then everything should work out fine, right?

Of course, writing what you want to write and actually writing something that sells are often two completely different things. Since I’m being honest here, I have to admit that my decision to write erotica certainly involved an interest in making money from the craft. Like so many others, I fantasize as well about a simple life as a writer and the happiness that can come from being my own boss. However, a quick scan of the bestsellers lists on Amazon or most other book retailers continues to illustrate to me that writing what I’m comfortable with and writing what sells might be a number of shades apart.

Fantasy vs. Felony

For the most part, most of my concern deals with issues of consent and abuse. As someone who has an interest in the BDSM community, and also maintains a strong belief in the importance of consent, I’m often bothered by the treatment of both subjects in popular media. Sadly, this includes erotica.

I’m not going to dig deeply into it since there are certainly other people who have covered the general topic of BDSM and consent in popular culture, etc. as well as the popularity of such things as Fifty Shades of Grey and how it portrays BDSM, relationships, and other things. However, I did want to make it clear that I won’t be chasing after big sales numbers by writing similar stories since I believe there are plenty of other ways one can satisfy a reader without adding to an already problematic rape culture and promoting horrible ideas of what a good relationship should be like.

Although I’m up to explore taboo areas of erotica, and my next book even includes a little bondage (along with pseudo-incest), clear consent and respect will always be underlying things in any scene I write.

After all, if we’re in the business of writing fantasies, why not create/promote a world that we dream about beyond the bedsheets as well?

Breaking the Fever

I’ve been sick for a week or so now, and, if my friends and family are an indication, I may be sick for another while yet. In the past, this would sometimes mean taking a much needed rest from work and other things to let my body do what it needed to do to rid itself of the bug.

However, now that I’m trying to turn writing into an income, time off isn’t exactly a blessing. In fact, right now this bug is just a series of things that have come up lately to delay my next story, and I’m frustrated to say the least.

Of course, there’s not much I can do about it, right? I’m sick, and being stressed or angry isn’t exactly going to help that. On the bright side, I have managed to finish the second last chapter for Yes, Chef!, which means I’m almost done. Granted, being sick has kind of curbed my appetite for anything more than tea, soup, blankets, and cuddling, but after a quick run through my tumblr feed this morning, I’ve noticed my temperature rose for reasons other than the common cold.

So, with a steady dose of rest, warmth, and perhaps some curated pornography, I’ll hopefully be on the mend soon!

The First Chapter from Yes, Chef!

With the holidays just around the corner, I’m focusing on getting off at least a few more stories to hopefully end up on the naughty list and ensure that my stocking won’t be the only thing to be stuffed by the fireplace!

So, while I’m working my fingers on the keyboard, I thought I should give you a taste of what’s to come to encourage you to perhaps work yours as well…

For my second story, I’ve decided to plunge into a bit of a taboo area with the main characters, who are stepbrother and stepsister. Along with that, I’m also expecting a hot scene involving at least one character from my previous story, A Taste of Cyn. That’s right, it seems a certain up and coming photographer will end up on the tip of another tongue, and I’m not talking about just his name.

Of course, that scene will come later in the story. For now, here’s what the first chapter is set to be:

“That’s one fine piece of wood you have there,” I said, teasing Neil.

“You’ve got a good eye,” he said. “I spare no expense on my cutting boards. They’re an important part of any kitchen.”

Of course, I didn’t have the courage to correct him and explain that the “wood” I was referring to was currently pressing against his chef’s uniform as he chopped the large cucumber on what apparently was a great cutting board.

Truth be told, not having the courage to say or do something around Neil summarized most of our time together since my mother had met his dad and chose to remarry. However, after working under him for a few weeks at his restaurant, I was getting to the point where I couldn’t keep my mouth shut much longer.

So, as I watched him grip the cucumber and skillfully glide the blade through its firm skin to make perfect little circles for whatever dish he was working on for tomorrow, I started to try and convince myself to finally say something.

“Oh, that reminds me!” Neil exclaimed, making his way to the fridge. “I have something I’ve been dying for you to taste. Open your mouth!”

Wondering whether or not he was reading my thoughts, I could feel a slight wetness growing in my panties. Was he finally going to make his move? Would all those nights (and even a few days) of toying myself to the brink of exhaustion over the thought of his firm cock thrusting into my swollen pussy finally stop being simply fantasies? Feeling the spot grow bigger underneath my uniform, I took a step forward, closed my eyes, licked my lips, and opened my mouth.

I could hear the sound of the big stainless steel fridge opening, and that was soon followed by the sounds of Neil shuffling things around before he finally found what he was looking for.

“Oh, you’re going to love this,” Neil teased. “I know your type, and I bet you’ve been craving something like this all day.”

I imagined him simply opening the fridge to throw me off so he could surprise me with what I really wanted. With my eyes still closed, his hand would caress my shoulder, and I would feel his stubble as he grazed my cheek and breathed heavy into my ear:

“Get on your knees.”

Slowly, I would lower myself and gasp a little as my bare skin touched the cold tile floor of the large kitchen. As I listen to the sound of a zipper sliding down, I would lick my lips again, and open my mouth wider for the big surprise he had in store for me.

“You’re a quick learner,” he smiled. “Now, it’s time for your oral exam.”

“Yes, Chef,” I moaned.

“Chef? Oh, come now. We’re basically family,” Neil joked. “If we didn’t have to be professionals here, I’d be cool with you calling me ‘brother’.”

I realized I had said that last part out loud, and quickly opened my eyes to make sure I had not made it any more obvious where my mind had been. Luckily, despite how hard my nipples had become over that fantasy, my uniform was doing a good job of hiding them.

Neil was standing just in front of me, mixing bowl in hand. Sadly, his pants were still zippered, and his cock was nowhere to be seen. On the bright side, what was in the mixing bowl seemed rather delicious itself.

“We were so busy tonight that all the cutlery is in the last wash, so we’ll have to improvise,” he said, smiling.

With that, he dipped his finger into the icing and brought it close to my mouth. Still wishing he was using something else, it took me a second before I brought my mouth over his finger and let my tongue glide across it to taste the icing. If Neil wasn’t going to make his move, then I was at least going to try and encourage him to do so. Plus, if there was one thing I was confident about with myself, it was that I knew how to use my mouth. From past boyfriends to the guy earlier tonight, it was common for me to get a standing O while on my knees.

So, as I rolled my tongue slowly around his finger, savoring the taste of the chocolate icing and the thought of doing something similar with his dick, I opened my eyes to see Neil’s reaction.

His eyes were closed, and his mouth was slightly open, which was a look I knew well. Confident he would stay like that, I glanced down to see the clear outline of his thick shaft pressing against his pants. Although I could make it out earlier, it was very hard to miss now. Happy with this reaction, I took the last bit of icing in my mouth, gave his finger one last lick, and then smiled.

“Wow, that was amazing,” I said. “But I don’t think it fixed my craving.”

“Oh, you’re a hungry girl, aren’t you?” he teased. “Well, how about you finish up out in the front, and I’ll prepare a real dessert for you?”

“Yes, Chef!” I said, standing at attention and jokingly saluting him.

As I made my way to the front through the swinging doors, I realized how swollen my pussy was as the fabric of my pants brushed it and sent shots through my whole body. Normally, I would be looking forward to getting home to my mother’s place so I could shed my clothes and build those shots into fireworks, but tonight I was feeling more confident that Neil would give my hands a break.

Of course, as I grabbed the mop and bucket to give the front a final cleaning, I couldn’t help but think back to how it was I ended up here, panties soaked and lusting after my stepbrother.

Needless to say, I’ve got some exciting scenes in mind, and I’m looking forward to finishing this one so you can find out just what sort of off-the-menu dessert Neil will be serving.

Stay tuned.