Yes, Chef Now Available on Amazon

That’s right, my second book is finally published!

After a rather long winter, for many reasons, I finally found the time to put the finishing touches on this rather taboo tale, and now I’m hoping it will encourage you to touch yourself until you’re finished.

Yes, I made that joke. What can I say? I’m happy to have another book on the shelf!

Here’s the summary from Amazon:

What do you do when what you want is pretty much forbidden, but, even though you know it will cause nothing but trouble at home, you can’t help but think about it all the time?

In the case of Anne, controlling herself around the house, and even when cooling off around the pool (well, except for that one time, but no one was around… right?) is manageable, but when she soon finds herself working under her desire at his restaurant, Bliss, the temptation just might be too much. She needs the money to keep the man of the house and Lisa off her back, but what price will she pay if they find out just what she thinks about her new boss who happens to share the same roof as all of them?

With the temperature rising, will Anne finally ask for what’s on the tip of her tongue or will she stay quiet because what she wants shouldn’t be on the menu at all?

At over 20,000+ words, this story of forbidden lust is intended for mature audiences only. It contains explicit scenes of fingering, oral sex, masturbation, sex, light BDSM, and pseudo-incest involving a number of different people.

If you want to know more about it, you can find the first chapter here.

Otherwise, the book itself is now available here:

USA | Canada | UK

While you’re at it, I’m also offering my first book, A Taste of Cyn, for free this weekend to celebrate the release of my new one. So, now is your chance to check that one out too!

Cumming Back

So, although I’m sure I’m not the only one to publish their first story and then disappear for months, I still can’t help but feel guilty about it.

When I first set out to write erotica, I had planned on finding a balance between this and a few other projects. Obviously, my attention shifted drastically to other things during the winter, and now here I am writing an update months and months later.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of what happened since I finished A Taste of Cyn, but I will say that since that time I’ve been slowly picking away at finishing Yes, Chef! and I’m hoping to have it released within a week or so.

From there, I’ve got ideas for at least 3-4 more stories, and I intend on making the time to see them through.

After all, what’s the fun of starting something if you don’t get to finish, right?

Breaking the Fever

I’ve been sick for a week or so now, and, if my friends and family are an indication, I may be sick for another while yet. In the past, this would sometimes mean taking a much needed rest from work and other things to let my body do what it needed to do to rid itself of the bug.

However, now that I’m trying to turn writing into an income, time off isn’t exactly a blessing. In fact, right now this bug is just a series of things that have come up lately to delay my next story, and I’m frustrated to say the least.

Of course, there’s not much I can do about it, right? I’m sick, and being stressed or angry isn’t exactly going to help that. On the bright side, I have managed to finish the second last chapter for Yes, Chef!, which means I’m almost done. Granted, being sick has kind of curbed my appetite for anything more than tea, soup, blankets, and cuddling, but after a quick run through my tumblr feed this morning, I’ve noticed my temperature rose for reasons other than the common cold.

So, with a steady dose of rest, warmth, and perhaps some curated pornography, I’ll hopefully be on the mend soon!