Almost There

It seems I’m having issues getting things set-up on Amazon, which is unfortunate since my first story is ready to go! I really want to share it, but I need to get a few things in order so the government is happy when I make a sale.

Isn’t that always the case?

I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but perhaps it will just make it better when it happens? I’ve always been one for teasing…

With that in mind, here’s an excerpt from A Taste of Cyn, which will hopefully be on Amazon soon. Fingers crossed.

Just a few steps past them, I quickly realized how wet I had become. Along with giving the girl (and her two friends) time to check me out, those few moments also gave me enough time to take her in, and I obviously liked what I had seen. Looking only slightly younger than me, her carefree attitude about her body was both surprising and yet very attractive to me. It also meant that, although I spent most of my time focused on her lips and her eyes, I was also able to get more than a good glance at her breasts. Slightly smaller than mine, I was now imagining unhooking her bra and running my mouth over each of them as her hands worked to release mine as well.

As I stood waiting to cross the street again, feeling my clit throb thanks to the thoughts running through my mind, I realized how much I wanted to get off thinking about just how this girl’s pussy would taste on my tongue. Unfortunately, I also remembered that tonight was the opening of the new Local Flavors exhibit, and I would be at the gallery rather late.

“Fuck me,” I muttered under my breath as I entered the cafe.

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