While You’re Waiting

Since I’m still dealing with the Amazon snag, I thought you might like to know that I’ve been keeping (and getting) busy on my tumblr page.

For an idea of where I draw my inspirations, what turns me on, and other things, check it out!

Obviously, it’s not safe for work. Unless your work is like mine. 😉


The Tales of Angela Dawson: My First Erotic Series

Not only am I excited to write my first post, I’m also happy to announce the upcoming release of my first short story, which is set to be the start of a series!

I’ve never been one to simply dip my toes into the water, I’ve always preferred to simply dive in, and it seems writing erotica is just another example of that. So, when I sat down to start my first eBook, it soon turned into an outline for a number of stories.

Focusing on the life and sexual experiences of an art school grad, Angela, who is working on rebuilding her life after walking in on her long-time boyfriend, Grant, with another woman, the series is set to have plenty of steamy scenarios with a number of characters. From Mika, a young and upcoming photographer in the city, to Donovan, an established art collector with a big wallet, Angela has plenty of opportunities to open up to new experiences of sex and lust while moving past Grant’s betrayal.

And the first step in this journey is A Taste of Cyn, which you’ll find on Amazon soon!